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I enjoy…mozzerella sticks, a good book, drinks in general-but smoothies especially, blueberry muffins, soft blankets, sweats, nike shoes, check that-everything nike, zac efron, 75˚ weather, basketball, blue raspberry, graphic design, web design, watercoloring, photography, country music, laughing, dancing (in front of my mirror), playing the piano, strumming my ukulele, New Zealand accents, sleep, and people who help me be a better person. Oh yeah, and my name is McKayla. With a capital K.


I'm a Mormon

Mormon Channel

This is one of my all-time favorite websites. There is all sorts of inspiration and quotes and videos to give you all the feel goods. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.


I served as a missionary for my church for 18 months in the Great Australia Perth Mission. It was an experience that changed me, my priorities, my desires, my relationships, everything. Click the heart to go to my mission blog. You can read the letters I sent home every week there.



I created a profile on here before my mission. I think it's cool to read about other people and their beliefs and experiences. There are also cool videos of cool Mormons from all around the world.




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