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College Life

September 17, 2014

I was debating naming this post: “WHERE MY FRIENDS AT?” or “HOW TO BE ALONE” but I left it at “COLLEGE LIFE”.

Here is my experience with college life so far: undercooked spaghetti, rotten milk, moldy bread, rubbery celery (but don’t worry, I soaked in water and it was good as new), over-cooked brownies 1/2 inch thick, over-cooked ramen, over-cooked oatmeal…

Next thing I know, I’m going to over-cook my PB&J sandwich…what can I say…everything is hotter in Provo. Even the boys. Especially the boys. It’s to bad that “Dang, he’s hot.” is as far as my love life goes…

 ^^^I leave for a day and this is what happens.^^^


 ^^^Yes, I made those. By myself. At 11:00 at night.^^^

 ^^^I feel like one of these days that oven is going to light on fire, it’s so old. But I love it!^^^


Stories about buses and my luck:

 missed the bus part 1: looked out my bedroom window and it was there. I grabbed my backpack in one hand and my shoes in the other and sprinted out the door. I turn the corner and it starts to drive away. I start screaming and yelling and waving. But no. They’re on a schedule. No stopping for anybody. Ended up catching another bus, pulled the little stop-requested cord a little too late and I ended up at the University Mall. Crossed the entire mall parking lot, and just kept on walking and walking and near crying. I was 20 minutes late for work.

missed the bus part 2: got off work at 9:40 pm. It’s pitch black outside. I get to the bus stop and the last stop was 7:45 pm. #stranded I actually started laughing. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My first thought was should I walk? Then, should I call my parents to come get me? Then I remembered my roommate Blaike has a car but it was kinda late…I called her anyway and her gracious soul came and got me. Blaike, you are my guardian angel. Dinner is on me.

missed the bus part 3: when I got to the bus stop this time, I had missed it by 3 minutes. It would be a half hour before it came again and I could be almost home by then so I decided to walk. (it was daytime this time) I crossed the RC WILLY parking lot, toysRus, Dick’s, and came across Barnes and Noble. I hadn’t been in there for ages so I walked in and just started to look around. I found myself in the Self Improvement section, then Web Design and Graphics, and then Poetry. Does this mean something?? Anyway, I think I could live there.  When I was done there I headed home on State Street and just kept walking and walking and walking. And walking. And walking. In converse shoes. With cramps like none other. Yes, this means what you think it means. After being on my feet for 11 hours at work, walking another hour and forty minutes was not ideal. I finally got home and they fell off. My feet fell off.

Other college hurrahs:

I had my first JDawgs. The guy said there were a few spices and seasonings in the Polish Dog and it sounded pretty good…yeah those were some mighty spicy spices! Truth is, you shake a little pepper on my scrambled eggs and I’ll tell you it’s spicy…I have the mouth of a…I don’t know where I was going with that…is there a name for people with a sensitive mouth. ANYWAY…it was really, really good. Spicy. But good.

Also, my boss at Roxberry Smoothies had the grand idea to make a sign for the employees to wave outside for all the cars to see. It’s the worst. I always feel so bad for those people, and now I’m one of them. Life couldn’t be better.

 ^^^But most of all, I just really miss this fam bam of mine.^^^

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