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Date Night

September 21, 2014

I was lying in my bed, doing homework Thursday night when my phone started vibrating. My first thought was, “Who in the world is calling me this late at night?” I looked at my phone and it was Brayden – my little brother. Assuming he needed help with his Spanish homework, I answered.


“Hi! I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow night?”

Hold on. Pause. Was I hearing him right? Did he just ask me on a date? I couldn’t help but smile.

“Ha! Yeah, I do! What are we gonna do??”

“We’re gonna go bowling and then go to JCW’s after, for shakes.”

He had it all planned out!

“Okay! That sounds fun! What time should we go?”

“Um… I don’t know. What time do you think would be best?”


“Okay. Yeah. Seven is good. I’ll pick you up then!”

“Alright! I can’t wait! Love you!”

“Love you too! Goodnight.”

And we hung up.

 ^^^That form, though…^^^

 ^^^Game 1: I lost. Neither of us bowls very often as you can see from the very low scores. And isn’t it ironic that my blog is called Capital K, and the k in my name isn’t capitalized. I’m telling you, it’s THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!^^^

 ^^^Game 2: Now this looks like he killed me, but please note that I was ahead the entire time and then the very last round, he got not one strike, but two, and then a nine to top it off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He called it skill…I call it luck.^^^

 ^^^The man himself. I think it’s appropriate to call him a man because his voice is as low as the ground and he is as tall as, well, 5’11 1/4. Don’t Blink.^^^


We went to JCW’s after, just like he said, and ordered some shakes. I got Reese’s peanut butter cup and he got Butterfinger. We caught up on each other’s lives. School. Football. Friends. College. Grocery Shopping. Sleep.

As we were talking, he looked towards the door and said, “Look. Isn’t that Stephanie Nielson?”

I looked behind me and it was!! Her whole family came walking in the doors of JCW’s. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew I had to talk to her but I was so scared! They ordered their food and sat down at a booth at the opposite end of the restaurant. I could only see the tops of their heads. We kept eating our shakes and I kept looking in their direction. My heart was pounding so hard. I really wanted to meet her. I didn’t know what to say, or how to say it! But I HAD to!!! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I asked Brayden what I should say. His response was really helpful: “I don’t know.” I started creating the scenario in my head. Should I walk up from behind or come around the other side? Do I introduce myself? If I said I’m a fan, that would sound like she was just some famous person. So, no. I have to say something more sincere! Brayden! What should I say?? Help me out here!! We finally planned it all out: I would say hi, tell her my name, tell her how much I admire her, ask for a picture, hand Brayden my phone, smile. Done.

Unfortunately, I got down to the bottom of my shake, because that meant, well, no more shake, but it also meant it was time to talk to her. You guys have NO IDEA how nervous I was!!!!!!! We stood up, threw our cups away, I looked over to where they were sitting and took a deep breath. Brayden said, “Just go. You got this.” and I went. He came with me.

The conversation went like this:

“Hi…I’m McKayla Beardall.”


“I was just wondering if I could get a picture with you? I admire you so much!!”

“Sure! Of course!”

Her husband was sitting across from her in the booth and he offered to take the picture. I guess I didn’t need Brayden after all… ;)

She got up and we did a little side-hug that you do in pictures… by now my nerves were going down slightly and it was feeling a little more natural. We stood there smiling for what seemed like an eternity.


Then Christian (her husband) handed me my phone, she asked me where I am from, where I’m living now, what school I’m going to…she was super friendly and super kind. I felt like we were just old friends, catching up on life.

I told her I read her blog and that her family is adorable. She told me one of her kids was in the car crying and didn’t want to come in. I looked around to see which one was missing. “Which one is missing? Oh! The redhead!”
“Yeah, Jane.”
I said, “How could you pass up JCW’s?!?!”
“That’s exactly what I said!”

We said our it-was-nice-to-meet-you’s and good-byes and then we left.

She really is one of my greatest heroes. She went through and is still going through something I can’t even imagine. But her attitude and courage and strength are what stand out to me. She is beautiful. Watch her story here.

Then she did this: The love is mutual.


“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”
-We Bought a Zoo


I told my brother thank you for such a wonderful night. He drove me home, opened my door for me, and walked me to my door. I gave him a hug and said goodnight.

Once inside, I couldn’t stop smiling.

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