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My Award-Winning Dessert

October 28, 2014

When I was little I learned how to tell the difference between desert and dessert: dessert has an extra “s” because its extra delicious. Well the dessert I’m about to show you is spelt: deSSSSSSSSSSSert! It’s super duper extra delicious.


Okay, so here is the background story:

At ward prayer, Sunday night, they announced we were having a Chili Cook Off for FHE. We could sign up to bring chili, cornbread, or a dessert. Whoever brought the best cornbread, chili, or dessert got CA$H MONEY! $50 for chili, $50 for cornbread, and $25 for dessert. So naturally, I signed up for all three. My roommates would make the cornbread and chili and I would make the dessert.


After ward prayer, I went straight to my apartment and got on Pinterest aka dessert heaven. I scrolled through my Food board forever, searching for the perfect dessert. Finally, I found this:


There was no doubt in my mind, these were going to be the prize winners.

After school the next day, I walked to Walmart and bought 100 of those wrapped caramel squares and some whipping cream. I had everything else at home. I got home and started bakin’.


 ^^^The worst part of making this was unwrapping those little suckers. 50 of them!!! It took FOREVER!!^^^


Here is the recipe.
P.S. I used whipping cream instead of heavy cream, honesty just because it was cheaper. And hey, there was one gram less fat. It was a win-win.


So, long story short, I made a pan to try them out and see if they were really as delicious as they looked in that picture. They definitely were. My friend wanted to “sample” some so I put some on a plate and brought them over for him and his roommates. You’ve heard the saying, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Not that I wanted to touch their hearts or anything…I mean I’m not…never mind.



 ^^^They are so soft and gooey in the middle.^^^


Over the course of the week, my roommates and I ate the rest of the pan.
Yes. You heard that right. The REST OF THE PAN!! It is seriously SO GOOD!!! I forced myself to go run 4 miles afterwards. Usually the most I run is 2 miles, so doubling that after eating a bunch of crap…no bueno. I felt amazing after, but definitely not during.




A week later, it was time for the real deal. Sorry, this is a super detailed story and it doesn’t need to be, so I’m just going to cut to the chase…I made the cookies, carpooled over to the Ward Chili Cook Off, lost the three-legged race, aced bobbing for apples, and it was finally time to eat!! I mean that was the reason I came!! As I was going down the line of food, I made sure to tell everybody which chili was ours, which cornbread was ours, and most importantly, which dessert was mine. We sat down with our peeps and devoured our food. So good. Everyone that didn’t get my dessert, was immediately forced, by me, to stand up and go get one before they were gone. It was for their own good!


We finished eating and the winners were soon going to be announced. The prize for the best costume was given out. Next was the chili. The girl was standing right in front of ours and my roommate and I were going crazy with anticipation! They finally announced the winner and guess what?? HER CHILI WON!!!!!!! SHE FREAKING GOT 50 BUCKS!!!!!!!!


Next was the cornbread. We didn’t win. Ha. The pan was still mostly full. Embarrassing.

And then, the moment I had been waiting two whole weeks for, they moved over to the dessert table. You guys, I couldn’t breathe. It was like it was in slow motion when the girl raised her arm and pointed to my cookies!

I WON!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! I literally started screaming!!!!!! I WON!!! It was the greatest moment of my life. They walked over to me and handed me my $25 visa gift card and it felt like I was holding a million bucks. I have never been more proud of myself. (Actually yes, one time I made a game winning shot at a basketball tournament and I was pretty proud of that…) I WON!!!!!




And that is the story of my award-winning “Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars”.


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