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June 25, 2015

It’s official. I’m still a teenager. Whoop whoop!!! In other news, okay the same news, I had a birthday and it was a blast. All the kids were gone at Girls Camp and Scout Camp (ps they each left cards for me to open before they left, which was super sweet), so I was stuck at home with the parents. And when I say stuck I mean, I was set free. We really did everything I dreamed.


Keeping with tradition, my mom and I went to get a pedicure. I picked out the wrong color and the lady sliced up 3 of my toes, she asked me what my name was and then started talking to another lady about me in her other language (Vietnamese?) but other than that, it was pretty good! Ha!


Then I came home and my little Romeo (And his mama, of course. Love her.) delivered the best present of the day:


Then we headed to City Creek to go shopping! Mission clothes shopping. Wow. Is it hard to find cute, reasonably-priced, below-the-knee, skirts!!! Let me put it this way: we didn’t find ANY. I found a few light, flowing shirts, though! They will be perfect in the hot temperatures of Australia! I think I’ll have to mostly stick to online shopping for my skirts…which isn’t a bad thing-I LOVE MAIL!

For lunch, we hit up Chik-Fil-A…is it weird it’s my favorite? I think I like that you can actually see the chicken pull apart like regular chicken, instead of it being all ground up with livers and eyeballs and a whole bunch of other chicken parts like they do at the McD.


Then…more shopping and of course perfume smelling! I almost fainted a few times. Then my feet started to kill, like they always do when I shop (high-arch problems) so we went to our final destination: The Cheesecake Factory. I’d never been, but it has always been on my list of places to go, so I was so excited! My friend recommended the “White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake”. What a mouthful. Literally! It was heaven on earth. We also tried an Oreo fudge cheesecake which was just as amazing. Cheesecake Factory does not disappoint. My dad, being the funny man he is, asked the lady if they had dairy free cheesecake, cause you know, he’s allergic. I’ll save you the effort of ever asking that question. The answer is no.


On the way home, I was holding the cheesecakes right in front of my nose. I couldn’t wait any longer so I ate mine right up. I dropped a bite on my lap, cause that’s how I roll. I can’t eat without spilling… Then when we got home, I ate the other cheesecake. And that was my dinner. Talk about sugar overload.


And, for the grand finale of the day, we went downstairs and watched McFarland USA. Cause I hadn’t seen it yet…haha. It was actually really good! Inspirational and everything nice.


Then…for the grand GRAND finale, I finished sewing my tshirt blanket and serenaded my parents to “Lava” – the new Pixar short ukulele song before “Inside Out”. It was a fantastic day. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it great! And for all the texts, gifts, and messages of Happy Birthday from all of you!




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