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Life Lately According To My Camera Roll

December 17, 2014

^^^My roommate and I were able to go to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms for the dead! I had never been inside that temple, and it was absolutely beautiful!
The lights outside were a bonus.^^^


^^^I babysat the cutest kid this world has ever seen.^^^


^^^Peace, from me and the mountains. I love where I live.^^^



















        ^^^This is my life. Waiting for the bus. P.S. what is up with the sun going down at 5:00 pm?^^^


^^^I told Santa I wanted a car for Christmas. He said, “I’ll see what I can do about that.” We all know what that means…^^^


^^^Apparently I’m hilarious…^^^


























^^^Alright, there is a story behind this pic. We were at temple square and people were in line waiting to go up and see the Christus. This lady had a mullet and I had to take a picture of it! So I secretly took a picture, and when I looked at it on my phone, this was the face she made!!! It was HILARIOUS!!! I showed Tanessa (my roommate) and said, “Booty had me like” and we literally could not stop laughing!!!^^^


^^^I kid you not, Santa was driving my bus.^^^


^^^We went and saw Mocking Jay. One word: amazing. One more word: cliffhanger.^^^


^^^The Student Life and Wellness Center at UVU had massage chairs that you could use for free for 15 minutes. I ended up staying there for an hour. No one came in and told us to leave… I don’t know of any better way to end the semester than with an hour long massage. Except for the calf massagers, which felt like they were going to pull my calf muscles off, it was unreal.^^^


^^^mELFin, our elf on the shelf, brought me these stellar pajamas. I LOVE THEM. The only thing missing is a fire and hot chocolate.^^^


^^^We were feeling rather…I don’t really know…but we wanted to put red lipstick on and so we did. And then we kissed the mirror. I won for the best looking kiss. PUCKER UP BOYS!!! #VL^^^


^^^Seriously going to miss these Canadians when I move. They make me so happy.^^^



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