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Things I've Learned...

February 9, 2015



Right now I have moved back home and I am working to earn money for bigger and better things. Living at home is quite different than living away. I loved living on my own! It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I loved the change, and I loved learning all the time – learning from school, and learning from life. So I thought I’d put down the things I’ve been learning lately:

Things I’ve learned at college:

  • A little garlic goes a long way

  • No matter how many times I buy baby carrots, I will never finish the bag before they go bad.

  • The little Walmart in Provo has the best selection of yogurt if you go on Wednesday.

  • Glass will explode if it goes from hot to cold really quickly.

  • It’s probably best to wipe down the counters every day.

  • An organized room=an organized mind.

  • The bus doesn’t see you if you are chasing after it, so don’t even try.

Things I’ve learned while at home:

  • Dishwashers are luxury.

  • Cars are luxury.

  • Free laundry is luxury.

  • Free food is luxury.

  • The gym is my friend (you should see our pantry).

  • They gym is always busy no matter what day or what time of day you go. Always. You wouldn’t think it would be busy at 3:00 in the afternoon. Wrong.

  • Apparently I take extremely long showers, because very few days go by where I don’t hear a pounding on the door or a thud of a heel on the ceiling telling me to get out. That’s one thing I miss about college: unlimited shower time…

  • My family are my friends. Having my friends gone on missions or away at college leaves me with my fam bam at home. There is free entertainment with them always around.

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