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I'm An Expert

March 15, 2015

Sometimes keeping a blog can be difficult, especially when every week of my life is the exact same. Nothing super exciting happens all that often. So I thought I’d post something random. Like something I’m an expert at, for example!





I am an expert smoothie maker.
I’ve been working at Roxberry (a smoothie place) since April 2014. Yes, I have all the smoothies memorized. Yes, it took months to finally be able to say that. Yes, I have knocked an entire smoothie onto the floor (more times than one). No, I don’t do that anymore. Yes, I invent smoothies all the time. And yes, they are AMAZING. It takes time to become an expert at something. I’ve learned the right angle to hold the blender and how to hit it just right so the smoothie comes out constantly and just a little bit at a time-compared to the entire smoothie coming out all at once with only 1/8 of it going into the cup. Yeah, it happened.
I’ve learned that if you don’t shake the blenders before putting them up on the drying rack, water will run down your arm through the sleeve of your shirt and it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings on Earth.
Honestly, it really doesn’t take much to become an expert smoothie maker.


Here are some recipes I’ve invented:
Blue Raspatazz: (I love blue raspberry flavored anything, so I decided to try to make a smoothie that resembled that flavor and I think this one does…warning: don’t expect it to be blue, cause it’s not)
passionfruit mango juice
raspberry sherbet


Everything: (yes, everything)
every juice
every sherbet
every fruit


Mangapeach: (I made this smoothie when I wasn’t eating any added or processed sugars for a while. There is of course sugar in the fruit, but no added sugars! This is probably my go-to, favorite, smoothie to make myself)
freshly squeezed orange juice
spinach (optional)-(you can’t even taste it, so I do it every time)

Next time you go to Roxberry, try one of these!!!


Whelp, that’s all for today folks. Stay tuned for more Things-I’m-an-Expert-At in the future…and remember: Every expert was once a beginner.

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